Build Character With Kelso

I received a special delivery a few weeks back that I'm so tickled to tell you about because it truly is a teacher's treasure trove.

Introducing Building Character With Kelso, a resource overflowing with tools to help children put valuable character skills in place and practice to 
Be A Kelso Star.

It comes complete with a Leader's Guide and CD-Rom with reproducible handouts, a Willow Pond Storybook, a DVD with brand-new Kelso stories, and two sets of leveled (k-3 and 4-5) interactive photo cards to engage your learners in real-life scenarios with follow-up enrichment reflections.

There are also posters to visually bring our Kelso Stars to life and a Lily and Kelso puppet to use as we help them twinkle and shine by being 
honest, respectful, responsible, caring, and fair. 

Written by Dr. Barbara Clark and Diane Hipp, and published by my friends at Cerebellum, the goodies in this toolbox will surely enhance what you've already got started in your character building or be the beginning of wonderful things for your school culture and climate. Each of the thirty-minute interactive lessons will help focus your students on being the best that they can be and shining their lights into the world. Comprehension questions embedded in the discussions encourage students to go deeper by discussing how the traits look, sound, and feel. Couple the intentional activities with those teachable moments and keep your character kids excited about making the world a better place, just because they're here.

Click {here} to see how Kelso helps us solve our conflicts, then check out this comprehensive curriculum with its creative and kinesthetic approach to character development and watch what happens as these values become part of the DNA of your 
character building.


  1. Dear Barbara, I am the co-author of Kelso's Choice and the "new" Building Character with Kelso curriculum's. Thank you for such a thoughtful detailed blog about our newest creation! It is our Joy to create products that help build life skills for children. I love your blog site! So very colorful, engaging and creative! Sincerely, Diane Hipp

  2. WOW, Barbara, that's an amazing endorsement from the authors (above). So glad to see that other people are aware of your wonderful-ness!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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