Let There Be Light

It happens like this every year at this time. I try to get out of the middle, but, alas, I always find myself there nonetheless. The God-winks are hard to ignore and it always ends up being incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

And I did enjoy it last week, matching up donors with families in need. Gifts, mostly, but this time I actually got a sizable cash donation that I wasn't quite sure how to use. You can imagine the dance in my head; do I take the cash and go buy a gift card or present for a family in need? Do I go to City Hall and pay a water bill? Or do I use it to keep snacks on hand at school for my little friends who are hungry?

I couldn't decide, so I made a phone call. Turns out, there was a utility bill due, that very day, so we were able to keep those lights aglow for another month. It was providential!

Today, it may feel like the bill is due, and the electric company has come to collect. Pay up or they'll turn off the lights. The families of Sandy Hook Elementary will be on our the hearts and minds and school may not seem like a very safe place right now. But we, as educators, must be the security, the power sourceToday. 
And tomorrow. Next month. And next year. 

So turn on your lights this morning, literally and figuratively, 
and burn, baby, burn! (Can I say that on a teaching blog?) 

For those of you who need some extra amps for your circuits today, 
here are a few links with information that you might find useful:


  1. Your Christmas tree is lovely - thanks.
    May I share it?

    rubberboots and elf shoes

    1. Absolutely . . . it was like a therapy tree for me as my thoughts flowed.

  2. Barbara! We are indeed cut from the same cloth. I am so grateful for our own providential connection -- so long ago. Your tree is truly a gift. What an amazing post.

    Sending you love and encouragement as you support so many others: those in real life and those of us out here in cyber-space.

    Debbie Clement

    1. Thank you, Debbie, for your kind affirmations. I'm not very techno-savvy but this tree was so much fun to create!

  3. This is JUST lovely, Barbara... and in a tree shape!
    How lucky we are that you have such depth of caring and the talent to share with others.
    I did light a candle--but your words warmed me up inside too!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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