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I would be remiss if I didn't give a huge gratitude shout out to Susanna Hill before the holiday break for her continued willingness to add our favorite books to her ever-growing and comprehensive Perfect Picture Book list. We aren't officially having a PPBF today, but if you get a chance, stop by here today to say thanks! Here's a book that I think warm your heart and keep you in stitches as the author knits together fact and fiction to weave this tale of generosity and warmth.
Title: Kiki's Hats
Author & Illustrator: Warren Hanson
Publisher: Tristan Publishing
Date: September 15, 2007
Suitable for: ages 4 and up
Themes: kindness, compassion, generosity, warmth, pay it forward, knitting
Brief synopsis: Based on the story of the author's real-life neighbor who hasn't ever taken a cent for her hand-knit treasures, Kiki's Hats tells the tale of a woman who knits hats and gives them away, two at a time.

Opening page:
Kiki loved to sit and knit.
She knitted for the joy of it.
Summer winter, fall and spring,
she sat there, knitting just one thing...
Hats, Hats! Hats!! HATS!!
Ziggy, zaggy, stripey hats!
Brown hats, white hats,
yellow, red...
A heap of hats
for any head.

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Why I like this book: This book was sent to me this summer as a gift from a Wisconsin teacher after she attended one of my workshops. Who does that? It was so special to think that someone would select a book for me that so beautifully connects to the knit-for-service club we started at Westwood ten years ago. Click the picture to be transported to our school's Knitting Club webpage.

Barbara's hats: I knit these preemie caps to help Save The Children!

Because students might not have the skill of knitting (yet), when I read the book I preface it by asking what word the kids could substitute for the word hats: Kiki's compliments? Kiki's kindness? Kiki's smile? We also talk about how the author uses alternate words (dome instead of head) to maintain the rhyme, and how he uses hyperbole (exaggeration) to make his point. Because there's a halo over Kiki's hat on the back cover, we talk about the phrase, "You're an angel." What does someone mean when they say that? Then find out whom they know that's an angel and why. 

Check out this book; its message is a gift that you'll enjoy giving.    

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  1. Such a sweet book! I'm just learning to knit and am trying to finish a baby blanket:)
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