Debbie Clement - Energy Extraordinaire

Students in preK through second got a booster shot of energy and enthusiasm when the talented author-illustrator-musician 
Debbie Clement came to entertain us today. WoWzA!

Click {here} for more pictures.

As you may know, I've been out of the office recovering from an automobile accident and this was just what the doctor ordered! I stopped by long enough to see how incredibly engaged our kiddos were as Debbie sang and danced her way into their hearts ... and mine! She had my firsties sing and sign her book - You're Wonderful - to me while I held the book and turned the beautifully-quilted, color-burst pages

Words can't adequately explain how emotional that was!

I had to leave after her morning performances for a doctor appointment and then a nap, but if I were a gambling girl, my money would be on those afternoon performances being every bit as 
authentically AmAzInG as the morning ones were!

Debbie was right at home cradling Papa Crow so Pillar and I posed for a picture with them in my office. And though I was meeting her for the very first time, I had the feeling I'd known Debbie for a very long time and that we'd been friends forever

Kind of weird to see myself wearing a Visitor tag.

You can experience the inspiration that is Debbie Clement at her blog - RainbowsWithinReach - or at her collaborative blog PreKandKSharing.  When you get the chance, you simply must see for yourself 
what her magic is all about.
Thank you, Debbie (and hubs Allen) 
for coming to visit us in Friendswood!


  1. I loved looking at the faces of the kids in the "photo album." They were enchanted!
    So glad you two could spend some time together...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Hope you are doing better. It takes patience to get well! Love the pictures. So glad you were able to get out and have fun!


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