Peace, Love, and Character

Today I am over-the-moon ecstatic because I just found out  that my friends at North Pointe Elementary in a neighboring district has earned the distinction of Texas State School of Character - YAY!

Using the barter system, I led a workshop in exchange for this T-shirt!

Don't you just {puffy heart squish} LOVE their logo?  

Their journey began several years ago when their principal and their counselor attended our NSOC Open House to learn more about the Character Education Partnership (CEP). They already had some great stuff going on, but they wanted to intensify their character education efforts. They left that day determined to put together a Character Cadre to take their program deeper, and that's what they did. As a team, they worked together to intentionally integrate values into their daily habits and routines. They started to weave character into the DNA of their school culture. That October, their counselor (and my friend!) Jennifer traveled to San Francisco to the CEP Forum with me to learn more. Last year, they invited me to do a workshop on how to run a class meeting, and Jennifer brought her Assistant Principal to our school another time this Fall. Earlier this month, I went back again to kick off their second semester with a booster shot of positivity and motivation. Even though they're already doing so many amazing things, they still strive to make their character building better! Every day. 

Set one foot on the North Pointe Elementary campus and you'll know in an instant that they're living the virtues that they espouse; that's why they were selected an SSOC. 

I am so proud of Jennifer for leading the way and of this incredible faculty and staff for setting the bar so high and then going the extra distance to achieve this goal. Please join me in applauding,  congratulating, and celebrating with this fantastic school family.


  1. Congrats to North Pointe Elementary and to you, my friend Barbara, for being a mentor.
    I wish you could help my school--We need you!
    And, yes, I adore that logo!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Oh, Kim -- you would LOVE NPE ... it's the kind of school that gives you a BIG hug as you walk up and down the halls ... truly unbelievable and positively inspirational!

  2. OMG--love that logo. Congrats for being a great mentor to them. I am sure they have gained as much as you.


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