Belly Breathe The Anger Away

Today I'm linking up with Denise over at Sunny Days for Show and Tell Tuesday because she's having a book share! Pick a topic, any topic; here are some of my go-to books about 
being angry.

 That Makes Me Mad! by Steven Kroll is a classic because this little tyke seems to get mad about anything and everything. The illustrations help make the book work ... just look at how mad she is! Stop on each page and check to see if your students are connecting with the everyday things that make Nina so mad.

Sometimes I'm Bombaloo by Rachel Vail helps the younger learners with awareness because when this little girl's temper flares, Katie actually becomes someone she doesn't recognize ... or like all that much. Students will likely relate to some of the situations that set this little 'bomb' off.

This ferocious kid is just adorable ... and I'm not lion! The trigger for Danny in Dorothea Lachner's, Danny, the Angry Lion is not getting what he wants for breakfast. Imagine that! Use it to talk about what sets anger in motion for each of us - the trigger - and then how to reign it back in once its claws come out. I know I've worn that lion suit a time or two, too.

Grumpy Gloria by Anna Dewdney is mad because her owner gets a doll for her birthday. Is there anything that'll help her not be so ornery? Your littlest learners will connect with this pouty pug and giggle at her rhyming little tale!

In Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns It's OK to Back Away by Howard Binkow, Howard is having one of those moments {days!}when nothing is going his way, but through the experience he learns that he's got options about how he reacts.

This Linda Urban treasure - Mouse Was Mad - is probably my favorite go-to-anger-management book on my shelf. Since the reader never really knows why mouse was mad, it adapts so easily to anyone's situation. Start with the question - What would make a little mouse SO mad? - and then see what happens when each friend tries to get the Mouse to apply his or her favorite strategy to help those overwhelming angries disappear. 

There you have it, a list of six of the titles on my shelf to help students make sense of and manage their anger.

And for fun, a bonus clip helping your little monsters 
Belly Breathe:

For more help with anger management, visit the Angries Out page.
What are your go-to strategies to send 
anger away? 


  1. I can't wait to do the Belly Breathe with my kiddos! Thanks for sharing! You find all the good stuff!

  2. These all look like great books! I'm going to be looking for all of them. I sometimes get to cuddle with angry kids at school. Teachers have found that I help that belly breathing. A lot of dogs are good that way, I think. Thanks for sharing all the reviews!

  3. Great book picks! I had a student who had a lot of anger issues due to some things going on at home. I taught him that when he felt that frustration and anger building inside to start blowing out his breath and counting before he got so angry that he couldn't control it.
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