Parts Of The Whole

Do you ever feel like your life is a puzzle 
and you might be momentarily missing a piece?

While I know that all of the pieces in this puzzle ball are here, try as we may, my counseling kids and I have been quite unsuccessful in putting the pieces together to recreate the whole. It's puzzling, really, because it's only nine pieces and it ought to be pretty easy.

The puzzle serves as such a great metaphor for what a lot of my kids are going through, so I leave it on my table and let students try to reassemble it while we're visiting.

Reflection questions I might ask include:

*What's happening today to make you feel less than whole? 
*Whom can you go to for help when it feels like 
you're falling to pieces?
*What might happen if you don't have all the pieces right now?
*Can you repurpose the pieces to create a different shape?
*How might it feel to change shapes? 
*What might you need while you're adjusting to your new normal?  
*What would the experience be like for you to put the puzzle aside 
and come back to it later?
*How will it feel once all of the pieces fit together again? 

What might you ask as you're assembling the parts of the whole?

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE this, Barbara! Using the puzzle and putting the pieces back together with the questions would be so powerful for the students. Thank-you for yet another wonderful idea.


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