PPBF: Everyday Angels

So my life took a little detour and I've missed a few PPBFs but I'm delighted to be back with a lovely book about everyday encounters of the angelic kind.

Title: Everyday Angels
Author: Mark Kimball Moulton
Illustrator: Susan Winget
Publisher: Ideals Children's Books
Date: November 15, 2003
For ages: 4-8
Themes: kindness, joy, caregivers, angels

Simple Synopsis: An angel reveals herself to the narrator to discuss the existence of angels all around in everyday life. 

Opening page: 
One day as I lay resting
In quiet countryside,
I wakened to a wondrous sight
A vision by my side.

Resources:  A Good-Reads book review {here}

I didn't find many resources for this particular book, but here's what I might do with it. Read the book aloud, pausing periodically to inquire about a phrase. When the author says - "Often times you'll see us in a newborn baby's smile or hear us in the laughter of a beautiful young child." - what do you think he means? Can you give an example of this from your own life? He also says "...we send a first grade teacher the patience of a saint." How can that be? Repeat this method of inquiry with a few of your (or their) favorite phrases, then finish reading before making a T-chart of all of the caregivers whom the author refers to as angels on one side and all of the things they do for us on the other. What other people and other deeds might your class add to that list and why? Finally, have students select an ordinary person who is an Everyday Angel in their lives and write him or her a 
thank-you-for-being-an-angel-in-my-life letter. 
Attach one of these paperclip angels to the letter as a 
gesture of gratitude.

Make this angel with a large paper clip, a little bead,
a ring for the halo and some thin ribbon.

Why I like this book: This beautiful book connects to me personally because I have experienced the loving care of so many Everyday Angels during these past three weeks of recovery, healing and hope. "Inspired by the unselfish dedication of all of the caregivers in the world," a copy of this tale was presented to me by a kindergarten class as a get-well-soon gift last week. Its uplifting, rhythmic message made me reflect with gratitude about the people who are angels in my life; its soothing illustrations brought me joy and peace. Give this inspirational treasure as a gift or keep a copy on your shelves for times when your energy is wearing thin and you need a pick-me-up. 

Miracles happen when compassion takes wing.


  1. The cover looks beautiful. Kindness around us can make all the difference. Thanks for sharing the book.

  2. Yes, if we are aware, we can find many "God moments" in our lives. Love the paper clip craft...clever!

  3. Sounds like a lovely, lovely book! There are angels all around us if you just take time to notice! I love your paper clip angel! Very clever! Thanks for this review!

  4. I believe that everyday angels help us more than we will ever know.


  5. Lovely book for children and adults. I think kids will understand that there are, as Jarm says "God moments" happening all the time. We just have to be open. Love the necklace idea.


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