A Good Egg

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful Easter weekend. We had a glorious day off yesterday and I managed to get some much-needed yard work done. I am missing my girl, who stayed up at school instead of coming home for the holiday. Look at how cute she was in our Easter-bunny days gone by.

We miss you, Kit!
Quick story about car rider duty on Thursday: As kindergarteners arrived and emerged from their cars safely coddling their eggs for the egg drop, I would say things like "egg-cellent" or "egg-citing" and "egg-ceptional" to make them laugh. Some got it, most, not so much. As one mom who was with walking her child approached, I overheard her say that Mrs. Gruener is making silly comments about their eggs. Without skipping a beat, her child replied, "Mrs. Gruener's weird, isn't she mom?" 
That's me ... a weird egg!

As I was making my rounds in the second grade hallway, I saw that one of our teachers had given the parents an assignment. Don't you just LOVE parent homework? Anyway, their task was to decorate the Easter egg template and complete this sentence:
 _________ is a good egg because ________.
Their responses warmed my heart.

Finally, do you know about the One Good Egg Project? 
It's all about farmers feeding the hungry. 
Here's a clip from the Colorado celebration last year at this time:

That's the essence of Easter ... in an eggshell!


  1. Hoppy Easter, Barbara! Here's to a year of "Good Eggs" :)


    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Don't you know that "weird eggs" are the best?
    And Ms. G. is definitely a good egg because she finds something wonderful about every egg she meets!
    YAY! Homework done.
    BTW, I think of you every time I open a car door during morning duty...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. Happy Easter, Barbara! Thanks for all you do to inform, inspire and share your wisdom with us; your readers!

  4. Hoppy Easter to you Ms Gruener! You always have some funny stories! You are one good egg! Hope your day is filled with them!

  5. Happy Easter!! It was a great one. :)

    From weird egg to another,


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