Exploring Empathy

While searching for something new for my next lesson, 
I stumbled across the Start Empathy website.

 When you visit, you'll find Ed Stockham, 
and a series of eight film shorts to help your students 
understand what empathy is and why it's important.

This one cleverly shows the difference between
empathy and sympathy

Going now to find that extra blanket!


  1. Ohh...I am headed to read on this site now! Thank you!

  2. Wow! This is really cool! I'm wrapped in my pink blanket right now. I think I need some lights. Those are 2 tuff words. Big ones. I will have to ponder them while under this blanket. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Know where i go to find new stuff for lessons... your blog. I'm not even kidding. I love this empathy series. I'm trying to think how to work it in before the end of school.


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