Prayer Quilts

As many of you know, I'm recovering from a head-on collision that happened eight weeks ago; friends and family are still asking what they can do for me, how they can help. Since we haven't replaced our van yet, I'm still getting rides to and from physical therapy, doctor appointments, and school, but other than that, I just ask that they pray that as I heal physically, that my energy level return and that as I mend emotionally, that my joy be restored. Imagine my delight when John's mom Ruby came over with this prayer quilt.

It's pretty cool, really. A group of volunteers at a local church gets together to make these prayers quilts for people who are seriously injured or ill and in need of support, comfort and courage. They pray for the recipients as they make the quilts and they leave the  threads long so that when people visit the patients, they can tie a knot to symbolize their prayers for hope and healing, too. Such a nice ministry of 
comfort, compassion, and caring.

Coincidentally, Debbie over at Rainbows Within Reach posted today about quilts in the classroom {here}.

And our third-grade Knitting Club makes caring quilts;
here's one that they made for me in 2006. Click the picture below to be transported to our Knitting page for more info.


  1. Just BEAUTIFUL!! Many people love and care about you. Prayers continue...


  2. I've never heard of these before. This is wonderful and I am sure a comfort to the one who receives it.

  3. When you put the quilt around you, feel God's loving arms holding you. We just don't heal as fast as we did when we were young pups :)

  4. What an absolutely lovely idea! I'm sure that you are getting much comfort from that quilt.

  5. Beautiful quilt for a beautiful person!!

  6. Yes, Barbara, continuing to hold you in my thoughts and prayers. Sending healing wishes your way, blessings,Kathleen Pelley


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