Sticks And Stones

But names will never hurt me ... yeah, right.
If you have not yet seen this video gone viral with its powerful anti-bullying message, you must carve out 8 minutes from your busy day to experience 
To This Day Project by Shane Koyczan.

Does this resonate with you, too?


  1. Amazing! Whenever my daughter has to do a project for school that has to do with an important issue, she always writes/reports/speaks about bullying. My daughter is also a big fan of "slam poetry" so I will definitely be sharing this with her, I know she can use it for her next project. Thanks!!

  2. Watched and experienced that video when we were talking about anti-bullying in February. But I did not show it to my K kids - not quite appropriate!
    We made our own anti-bullying video - about kindness being contagious. http://rubberbootsandelfshoes.blogspot.com/2013/03/kindness-is-contagious-we-made-video.html



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