Happy Campers

My friend Terri is at it again; 
she's helped me with the graphics 
for this summertime bulletin board. 
Didn't it turn out adorable!

Here's what it prompts our students to do:

Drift around on a Responsibility Raft.
Cruise along in a good Citizen Canoe.
Relax on the shores of Respect River.
Sing silly songs around the Caring Campfire.
Sleep tight in a Trustworthy Tent.
Take a hike in Fairness Forest.

Talk about your recipe for happy campers!

She's also created this behavior board:

The fish colors represent the choices that her students have made at the end of the day. The green fish are the ones that have met our expectations, the yellow fish have required some redirection and the red crabs represent the unacceptable behaviors. 
Such a vibrant visual for tracking 
and reflecting upon choices.


  1. Awesome visuals----those are things that stick in a kids brain. WAY TO GO!

  2. Terri is kinda amazing...I don't think she knows it.


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