Page 250

So today I'm thinking about a writing prompt 
that our daughter was recently completing: 
Write page 250 of your autobiography.

It challenges me because, were I actually writing my life's story, I don't know how many pages long mine would be, so I can't say for sure what might be happening on that page.
What time period in my life was it? 
Where was I? 
Or should I be asking where will I be?

Was it when I was 40, the day that this tie-dye family picture was taken? 
I do remember that we went to Sears and I'm pretty sure that not everyone was as happy about the outing as I was.
Or is it tomorrow?
Maybe it's in ten years? 
What will I be doing? 
And for whom?

Kaitlyn sent her rough draft to me and I'm happy to report that she's gainfully employed and happily giving back to her community on page 250 of hers, somewhere in the future.

So Wednesday morning at our community gathering, I challenged my students and staff with that very prompt and now I'll do the same with you, just for fun
What will your autobiography say on page 250?
What year is it and how old are you? 
Where were you or will you be?
With whom? 
What were you or will you be doing? 
And how did it or will it involve character?

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  1. This is pretty cool! If I can take my mind off of writing haiku poetry (yes, I've found a new addiction!) then I might try this out.

    Maybe on page 250 of my auto-biography I'll be 50, with a grandchild or two, and nationally board certified, still helping my husband with the farming, still shaping minds daily! :)



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