Samantha's Story

Today I'm overwhelmed by sadness as I ponder the problem epidemic that drinking and driving has become. And I'm praying for Samantha, a 14-year-old young lady whose father was killed by a drunk driver last month. 

I probably have a keener empathy for her now since he was killed on the two-month mark of a head-on collision that, if I get painfully honest and real, could have left my children where she is today. This could have so easily been Kaitlyn's story. Or Jacob's story. Or Joshua's story. We are so incredibly blessed that it wasn't and grateful for more family time together. 
Samantha wasn't that fortunate.

So today, while she should be sleeping in (I know my 14-year-old is still snoozin'!) and then playing some video games or listening to her iPod before heading to a friend's place to hang out and possibly swim if the sun continues to shine, Samantha is attending a benefit to help her survive her new normal, physically and emotionally. 

I have no doubt that her dad has an amazing network of family and friends; just look at his generously-warm smile. And they'll be a blessing to her, no question. She likely attends a school that has embraced her and surrounded her with compassion and care 'cause that'll be important for as long as she's with them. She's got some critical years ahead of her as she makes her way through high school and on to college or a career. It's devastating that Samantha has to go through all of this, without her dad here, by her side.

As a nation, we must resolve to find a solution to a wide-spread travesty that ought to be painfully easy to stop so that no more lives are lost this way.

So senseless, drinking, then driving. 
And so much pain it leaves in its wake.

Please join me today and say a prayer for Samantha.


  1. Barbara,
    Praying for Samantha.

  2. Prayers for Samantha; that she may be wrapped in love by those around her.♥

  3. Sigh. Such sadness.
    Today I will send up prayers for this sweet girl along with prayers that lives may be touched by this tragedy and minds be opened. I pray that hearing about this situation (and your own brush with disaster) will help spread the message that drinking and driving is NEVER a good choice.
    Thanks for focusing our hearts on Samantha today...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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