A Funny Thing Happened

I like this quote because of the dancing part ...

... and I pretty much think that as it turns out, 
common sense isn't very common anymore.

Anyway, as many of you know, it's been a trying time of recovery from a trauma for me lately. At times like these, it's important to look for the humor in your seemingly insignificant, everyday stuff. 
Humor is actually one of our resiliences! 
So as I convalesce (I like that word!), 
I'm intentionally seeking reasons to laugh.

Here's what happened recently that had 
my common sense doing the Tango.

Awkward, but amusing.

I showed up for my 9 am counseling appointment, a little early, and someone was sitting in the waiting room ... in my chair. Since this never happens, we were both understandably puzzled and it was she who spoke first. "Do you have an appointment?" seemed the obvious question, but, really, 
why else would each of us be there? 

"Yes, I do!" was all I could say as I desperately dug for my appointment card to prove it. I found it as she was explaining that she didn't have a card cause she'd called in for her appointment. Have I mentioned how awkward this was? She asked if I worked, and I started to explain that I was on medical leave and why, probably offering her too much information. 
She was just asking to see how flexible my schedule was. 
Heck, we could have probably had our own little counseling session right there in the waiting room! She said something about my problem putting her problem into perspective, and I said the same about the people who are suffering in Oklahoma, but we both know that trauma is trauma 
and we didn't need to compare stories for ours to be real. To us. 

I knew that arm wrestling was out. I considered paper, rock, scissors to see who would stay and who would go, but in the end, I decided that what she was thinking was right, that my schedule was flexible, and I could easily come back for the 10:00 slot, which our counselor thought he'd given me 
in the first place. 

I left feeling good about sharing the coveted spot on that counselor's couch and chuckling about what a great scene in a sitcom this would be. 
Penny (knock, knock, knock),
Penny (knock, knock, knock),
Penny (knock, knock, knock).


  1. I went to see my doctor yesterday. He gives me good massages and that makes me smile and wag a lot! He also always has a joke posted out front. I'm not into jokes too much, but maybe you are -- So -- what kind of phone does a clam use?

    A shell phone! Funny?

    1. Rhythm, I found the joke quite funny; my Joshua, not so much. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you got a good massage.

  2. Always the positive one! Wishing you well-I hope you enjoy your summer. Will you be going back when school starts?


    1. Thank you, Shannon. Yes, I plan to go back in August for at least one more year. Here's to a restorative summer!


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