A Blueberry Blast

It's that time again ... blueberry season!

Here's a blast from the past, taken at 
on one of our many annual berry-picking day trips.
Look at how cute Joshua is as he peers into his bucket ...

... and check out these blueberry bursts.

Every June, usually around Fathers' Day, John and I corral the kids and we drive a little over an hour north to Porter, Texas. We spend time together in the berry bushes filling our buckets with that flavorful fruit. As the kids get older, we've noticed that they don't always really want to go, but they always acquiesce and go along, just to keep this tradition alive.

On our way home, we stop at the IHOP 
and have breakfast for dinner. 
At home, we'll eat some of the berries fresh, 
I'll make a batch of muffins and a pie,
(and some kolaches if they're lucky!), 
then we'll enjoy them in pancakes 
and freeze the rest. 

Blueberry picking is a fun family outing that 
we eagerly anticipate each summer.


  1. Did you ever hear the story of the Iow ice cream maker who only used the best blueberries to make hs icecream? He was asked to speak to teachers and his talk was that schools should be run like a business. A teacher questioned him and said that educators cannot only have the best students because any come to school damaged--poverty, learning issues, home life issues etc. Changed his whole belief about education and became a champion for education.

    1. I think that was Jamie Vollmer ... I saw him speak for NCYI a few years ago ... great story!

  2. I went blueberry picking in the Seattle area last summer for the first time. It was fun. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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