Coffee Chats With My Fab Five

My brother Mark recently introduced me to another Texas blogger and her post this week at My Mother's Footprints inspired today's thoughts.

Her favorite question has to do with the five people (deceased or still living) with whom you'd like to have dinner.

I'm going to put my own spin on it and talk about the five influential people I'd like to meet for breakfast ... or just coffee ... or both! 

Disclaimer:  Since the people on this list have either passed away, don't live nearby, or stay way too busy for a decadent breakfast date, it is not exhaustive. I'd totally treat my family, my parents, my siblings, my administrators, my best friends, etc. as well; they're just not a part of today's exercise. 
Hear that, Mr. Whitock?

Without further ado, the first guest on my breakfast list would have to be my Aunt Norma. I've got such wonderfully-heartwarming memories of her in her role as a treasured family member as well as my first and second grade teacher. She loved so unconditionally. I've written about her {here} and I'd so love the chance to find out more about her personally now that I'm older. This would also be my chance to know more about our heavenly home and our higher power. Here's a recent feature about her in the 150-year anniversary celebration memento from our church up north as Miss Natzke was an integral part of the parochial grade school there.

Next would have to be Lorraine Natzke. Not only was she my Grandmother, but my parents also selected her as my Godmother, so she was always very special to me. She made it to 98 years of age and was still as sharp as a tack. I blogged about her {here}. Just look at her warm and welcoming smile! The mother of eight accomplished children, 60-plus grandchildren, and many more great grandchildren, Grandma Natzke was an incredible role model and a hard-working servant and God-fearing woman.

The third person I'd really enjoy visiting with over coffee is this year's Superintendent of the Year in Texas, Dr. Greg Smith.

Greg took a chance and hired me back in 1995 when he was Principal at Pearland High School and I was a first-year rookie counselor. What a steep hill of professional growth that was to climb! And what I learned from Dr. Smith was to always give people a voice. His door was always opened so that I could sit down and process through what I needed to do for this student or that. And while he didn't always agree with me, I always left him knowing that the best decision would ultimately be made and what's best for the student would always be done. I have a great admiration and respect for this courageous leader. Oh, and we'd probably take our former secretary and friend Mary Anne along. Congratulations, Greg; well-deserved honor! 

The next person I'd like to meet for a signature Starbucks candybar-in-a-cup is Ron Clark. That would be sweet in so many ways! Maybe you've seen his story on the 2006 Lifetime Movie Channel? He was Teacher of the Year in 2000 and I actually got to meet him after a high-energy keynote for NCYI in Tennessee a few years back. Read about that {here}. His passion for kids, for education, for life is contagious. And he wears fun socks, which you can only see, really, when he gets up on the table to add an exclamation mark to his point. Who doesn't love a man with silly socks on?

Such a hard decision, but my fifth and final coffee chat would have to be with two educators whom I appreciate and adore. I know it bends the rules slightly, but they are both my go-to cyberspace connections when I have something on my heart and mind personally or professionally, so they're both invited. I anticipate much laughter and maybe even some tears ... of joy, that is.

Lisa is from VA, Kim lives in CA, and I'm in TX, so we might have to find a breakfast spot somewhere in the middle, somewhere Kim can drive because she prefers not to mess with airplanes. Wherever it is, I know that it'll be a blessing to meet and visit with these two compassionate, generous women who have become faithful friends of mine. They are encouraging cheerleaders and positively uplifting forces in my life.

So now, it's your turn. Who would your Fab Five be? 

If you blog about it, please come back and post the address in the comments section so I can read about yours, too. I can't wait to know who makes your Fab Five list and why!


  1. Well, I am having breakfast with one of my five June 23 :). The other four: Red Skelton his humble personality and sense of humor; Martin Luther King Jr, a great man; Mother Theresa--that gentle lady; and Abe Lincoln, a simple but wise man

    1. WoW ... thanks for putting me on your list! I can't wait to visit and hear all about the peace that is Prairie Elementary! I actually considered Mother Theresa as I was choosing my top five (six!).

    2. Many thanks Barbara, for linking my post, so glad it inspired you to think about your "fab 5". It's such a simple, yet thought-provoking question isn't it! Now if we could just wave a magic wand and experience that evening, right?! I would want some chilled chardonnay, you know what they say, "In wine there's truth!"

  2. Well, Barbara, my sweet pal:
    Coffee with you would be BEYOND joyous!
    Though we are separated by more than a few miles, we are really just a click away.
    Coffee is brewing... JOY cup is on the counter, just waiting...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. Yes this is true that we can discuss a lot with the cup of coffee. I am coffee lover. Without coffe I feel my day in complete.

    Kopi Luwak


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