PIF Excitement & Exchange

Shortly after we purchased our replacement van, 
I got an envelope from Charley, the President of the 
in the mail and this is what he sent for the bumper. 

Of course he sent two!
Look how happy that made me.

Then, I saw that Barb over at Grade ONEderful was putting together three Pay-It-Forward (PIF) packages from her corner of the world and of course I signed up! Here's what came in this week's mail:

Canada stickers, a blue bling pen, a dolphin place holder for my summer reading, and a copy of A Salmon For Simon
All treats from Victoria B.C. 
I visited there a few times when I lived in Seattle and it's

So now, thanks to Barb, I am going to do the same, 
offer a PIF Exchange from Texas. 
I've already purchased the pecans to make some of my hand-dipped turtles!

If you'd like to receive one of my three Texas treats
 - and you're willing to do the same for three readers or friends -
 be one of the first three people to comment on today's post 
(either here or on Facebook, chosen by the time of the comment). 
Maybe some Lone Star State deliciousness will be coming your way soon.

This PIF offer has now closed; 

Jo, Laurel and Yum Sisters ... you're it! 
Please email me {bgruener5 at gmail dot com} 
with your postal address 
so I can put your packages in the mail.


  1. I would love to do PIF Barbara.

  2. count me in---this sounds "Pay it Funderful!" (I know, that was corny---but hey, I'm from Iowa, the tall corn state!)

  3. Don't know if it's too late, but my girls and I would love to pay it forward. They have a blog called Yum Sisters.

  4. That bumper sticker sure brought a big smile! That's nice to see! This pay it forward thing is a fun idea!


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