A Good Ag


I had the good fortune of spending a few days with our middle child at his Texas A & M Orientation earlier this month.
Neither of us was sure what to expect 
{or that we'd be greeted with "Howdy!" everywhere we went because this school prides itself on being the friendliest campus ever}
but I knew we were in the right place when I saw this 
in the parking garage on our way to the auditorium.

It was a sign that made me smile!
And without knowing much else, 
we quickly figured out that opportunities to walk the talk abound, 
and we immediately felt good about 
the essence of A & M.

Enough said.

Here are some interesting facts that we were not aware of; 
turns out that their enrollment increased significantly this year,
 thanks, in part, to Johnny Football.

More impressive than whom they've got is what they give. Their annual 
Big Event day of service found 17,000 Aggies out in their community last spring volunteering their time and talents,
giving thanks and giving back.

And, since one of the Aggie Core Values is service, 
after three days of 
auditions (he made the band!), 
meetings (we took in SO much info),
 and registration (he's in the chemical engineering dept.),
Jacob talked me into going to a friend's farm
to help them with a cement project.

It didn't hurt that this side trip would also give us
some therapeutic time with this little friend.

Yep, we think our kid will make a good Ag!


  1. A&M is such a great school! I graduated from there in 2009. Tell your son to check out the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM). It's on Northgate, and it was basically my "home" for 4 years. They have free lunch on Wednesday, and awesome freshman Bible studies. I met my lifelong friends there. Good luck and congratulations to your son!



  2. Sounds like he made the right decision! Love what the koozie says too!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. I just went to orientation with my 4th child yesterday at the University of Delaware. It was impressive but they didn't talk about core values. Congratulations and Best Luck to Jacob!
    Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales


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