Caring Classroom Family Guest Post

Did you know that yesterday was Cow Appreciation Day?
At Chick-fil-A anyway.
I promise I am not making that up.

These two cows enjoy life on our family farm. When we took the tractor tour of the new barns, we were told by our tour guide that it's all about
the comfort of the cows
They are continuously fed so that they can graze effortlessly whenever they want. They're bedded in sand, so it's like sleeping on the beach, and they're kept in a climate-controlled environment 
so that they're always ... comfortable.
 Our dairy's goal is that each cow produce 100 lbs. of milk per day.
Turns out that happy cows produce more milk.
The secret to success is comfy cows; who knew?

If you haven't seen this clip from some Iowa farmers, watch it now 
for proof positive that it's not just the cows who are happy.

So, would it follow that comfy kids are more content?
Uh, let me think ... YES!
I'm honored that Laura Candler over at Corkboard Connections 
 invited me to talk about just that.
Click {here} to see how you can increase connectivity
with the members of your
caring classroom family
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Thanks, Laura, for this cute creation!

Oh, and I think it's udderly possible that contented kids 
achieve greater school success, don't you?  
When you get moooooved back in, try some of those family-friendly ideas and let me know what happens
in your character building.


  1. Bwa ha ha ha ! That cracks me up! You totally milked that idea! I like how you manure-vered your way into connecting the two topics!

  2. OK, we farmer's daughters HAVE to stick together! Thanks for your fun feedback, Patty.

  3. I'm seconding that Patty up there! I love that video! Crackin me up!

    1. Don't you love that Brown Swiss cow's hairdo, Rhythm? And, yes, that clip is way cool! Farmers aged 1-81 participated in the fun fest. Takes me home every time I watch it since Iowa and WI are next-door neighbors.


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