Scattering Sunshine

Today I'm thinking about sunshine because of this adorable sign:

And I'm pondering the ways that people do that. My friend Caryn makes these beautiful sun catchers that scatter sunshine literally and figuratively. I just love watching the dancing beams that it magically creates when 
the sun and the breeze work in concert.

My friend Carol spreads sunshine with her voice. When she sings, whether by herself or with the choir, it's as if the angels themselves are among us, and we are fortunate to be the recipient of her rays of sunshine.

There are so many other simple ways to scatter sunshine.

Bake a cake and share a slice. 
Set a swim date. 
Invite a friend to join you for dinner. 
Drop someone an affirming email. 
Better yet, put a handwritten thinking-of-you note in today's mail.
 Call someone just to say hi. 
Offer someone a ride to the airport so they save $ on parking. 
Pray for the family of a fallen soldier. 
Mow someone's yard (with their permission, of course!). 
Recycle the grass clippings.

The boys and I got to do that last two together recently 
when the hubs was out of town. 
It took us three hours one day and two more the next 
to get the back yard all done. 
As we were rehydrating and reflecting, Jacob said, "Mom, you never have a real appreciation for the man behind the mower until it's you."

In giving, sometimes there's receiving. 
And that sunshine felt really good all around!


  1. You seem to spread sunshine with every post! And I do my best by wagging my tail all the live long day! A sunny day wish to you!

    1. Sunshine right back atcha, Rhythm. Please tell me that someday soon you are coming to the shore so that I can experience that tail-wagging in person!

  2. Thanks!! Makes me smile to know that it brings sunshine to you!


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