The Honest-Tea Test

Move over Candid Camera and make room for 
the Honest Tea Test. 
Did anyone else see the news about this integrity index in

Hello Hawaii and Aloha Alabama!
Your honest citizens passed the test with flying colors.

Participants in these two states were 100% trustworthy
according to the results of the Honest Tea test. 

Basically, Honest Tea employees conducted the test
earlier this month, 
in all fifty states, 
over a ten-day period, 
allowing the opportunity for 10,000 honest acts. 
The question was this:
If people were left on the honor system,
would they pay the $1 for the tea at one of these kiosks
even when nobody's looking ...
or simply take it for free?

Honest Tea employees watched from afar and collected the data. They they disaggregated it by things like hair color and length, number and gender. Turns out women (95%) were more apt to pay than men (91%). And people in a group were more likely to be honest; holding one another accountable is a good thing, I suppose. Anyway, it's an interesting study.

We actually got rid of our vending machines in our teachers' lounge three years ago and now have snacks and soda available on the honor system. 
What, if anything, do you have that's on the honor system?

Take the online test or challenge your friends {here}.

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  1. What an interesting study! i know that around here folks sell their chicken eggs on the honor system. They put a little refrigerator out in the yard with a sign. Must work pretty well.


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