What Teachers See

One of the perks of blogging inspirational stuff is that readers often send inspirational stuff my way. So this morning I woke up to an email from my friend Jo up in Wisconsin because she wanted to me to experience this video clip 
and get pumped up for school.

At first I thought the man was throwing starfish back into the sea,
 and it reminded me of The Starfish Slinger

Click on this graphic for its source and a cool jewelry pendant.
And he kind of is ... in a secondary ed sort of way. 

I just love this metaphor and have a poster almost like this hangs on the back of my office door as a reminder that students are like starfish.

Anyway, this music video is from Union Grove High School in Wisconsin. If you're like me, you're wishing that your high schooler had these men in black at the helm. Or maybe you're just in awe of their passion, enthusiasm, and love for the teens under their mentorship and our future. You might even want to support their efforts and/or do something similar with your school family. 
However you connect, sit back and enjoy Brachmann & Hein in 

Happy Labor Day Weekend.


  1. Love it! I always admire the bravery of teachers who are willing to do something like that to motivate their kids. I've love to be in their class! :)


  2. Love the video~Just sent it to my husband's e-mail as he is a Principal! Theresa

  3. Beautiful!

    Also, I love the update to your blog. Very pretty!


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