Write Your Own Story

Happy Friday!

Besides making it through my first week back, today I'm excited about 
these three things.

1. These fun little pick-me-ups that I put in each teacher's box. I was going to type them out in a fun font but it turns out our printers are still on summer break, so I wrote them all out in my own handwriting font. 

I'd love to say this was totally my idea, but I actually piggybacked off of something I saw on another counselor's blog. Since I read so many, I can't recall exactly where I found it, so please do let me know if it was your idea so that I can give you credit.

2. I'm happy that Laura Candler of Corkboard Connections has asked me to collaborate on her Caring Classrooms Pinterest Board. Maybe it's just the counselor in me, but I firmly believe that we can never have enough 
warm fuzzies and cardiac connectors in our toolbox. 
Click {here} for innovative ideas to enrich the culture and climate in your 
character building.

Our district gave us these cool flashlight pens!

3. I'm tickled about my new purple pen.

And it got me to thinking. As we head in to another year, 
how might your story be different if you ask yourself this before you even start:

How will I spend The Dash between the years 2013-2014?
What do I want less of?
What do I want more of?

Start at the end; what do you want those Teacher Appreciation Week notes to say about you and your class? Decide, then celebrate, because you get to write your own story while you co-star in a whole lot of other stories, those of your immediate family, those of your school family, stories in your community. 
Every. single. day! 
You're the author, so don't forget to intentionally focus on what you want more of and to write positivity, kindness, and empathy into your script. 
Every day. 
Then watch it come back. A hundred fold. 
Trust me; it will!

Happy new year.


  1. Again, just what I need to hear!
    You are good at that!,

    1. Thank you, Lisa. As you know, I love it when you stop by because it brings me just a little bit closer to home! Happy new year.


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