Wiggle Worms & Bouncy Bands

I have so many different gadgets to help our learners with a kinesthetic way stay focused and engaged, including stress balls, river rocks, velcro, and satin ribbons. Those things all serve to give their hands something to do and textures to feel, but I don't have much other than some yoga stretches to encouragement movement in their legs and feet.

In addition to Brain Breaks, how do you provide meaningful movement opportunities for your students? 

Make room for Bouncy Bands.

I was so intrigued when Scott Ertl contacted me to see if we had any students who might benefit from an innovative way to let kids move without leaving the comforts of their class. I said yes, because every child could benefit from a little extra movement. Plus, who wouldn't want a simple and effective way to help students get the wiggles out, stay on task longer, and release stress or anxiety? And, as it turns out, Bouncy Bands create a win-win because this quiet and hardly noticeable movement magician is made from recycled bicycle inner tubes and inexpensive PVC pipe that'll attach to the desks that you already have. 
Click {here} to download the pattern.

You can order them if you'd rather not make them yourself 
or want a sample to go by. I've got some research to do if I'm going to find a Bicycle Shop nearby that wants to start saving old inner tubes!


  1. You know how you always say we are on the same wavelength? I am actually filming at FOX studios this Monday on incorporating movement into learning and the producer actually titled it "Brain Breaks." :)

  2. Brain breaks are a good thing! And those bouncy bands look pretty cool. I know some kids who would appreciate those! I like to get kids moving!


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