A Few Reasons I ♥ My Job

Today, some randomness from my office. 
First, this adorable shirt - enough said!

Second, a thank-you note from a third-grade boy
that grabbed my heart and just won't let go!

Third, I had great fun with toothpaste and a toothpick in an object lesson to show this third-grader (who was fighting with her mom) that once you use ugly words, you can't take them back and you ... in her words ... "make a big mess." We used white paste to represent her mom's words and the striped paste to represent her response. Then I challenged her to put it back.

Try as she did, it just wasn't going to happen.

Joy overtook me when she told me the next day that she'd tried it with her whole family and they all understood what she was saying and showing them.
 Keep in mind that she just did that extension on her own. 
Be still my beating  ... 
Click {here} for the Brush Up On Respect lesson-plan idea.

Finally, putting my puppets in the character case
has piqued curiosity and caused quite a scene:

One first grader wanted to know if this meant that the puppets "get to go home with us when we check out one of those books." Another student wondered out loud how my puppets got in there. And a kindergarten friend asked me when they were going to get a chance to work the puppets.

He might be on to something ... aren't you just loving my job, too?


  1. Awww, what a thoughtful letter! I love that your student went home and shared that activity with her family, it must have made quite an impact on her! :)


  2. I had a shirt experience today too. One of my kids from last year shared her shirt with me at recess. It said, "Follow your heart." She knew I'd love it since we talked a lot about listening to our hearts. They do remember the things we teach their hearts.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. Yes! I love your job too!!


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