Feeling The NSOC Magic

So I'm in the airport in DC waiting to board my flight so that I can make it back to watch marching magic when our band takes the field to vie for a spot at the State Marching Competition. But before I take off, I want to try to describe the NSOC magic that I'm leaving behind in the nation's capital.

I believe that this year marks the twelfth time I've attended one of these Forums; I know for sure I've spoken at ten of them. One year I got to go as Glinda the good witch when my team accepted the NSOC award.

This year my workshop theme
 - Character Is Our Super Power - 
lent itself to a costume of another kind. The Queen of Hearts. Here I am with a friend from Florida who's been on an NSOC journey with her school since ours was awarded the distinction in 2009. 

So, so proud of her for her leadership in their accomplishment.
My session went well; I got so excited during the Fliegerlied, in fact, that I pulled a Ron Clark and got up on the ballroom table to lead that fun German dance! 

After an energizing 75 minutes with my audience of sixty character educators, I was treated to lunch by my Godparents, Clay and Sue. Yumm-O!

I reunited with and met so many new friends {Lisa, Pam, Lindsay, Bonnie, Karen, Marian, Pam, Russ,Kim, just to name a few} in this 48-hour period that I may be coming off of this natural high for many days and weeks to come. This morning I was able to spend some time in session with the 2013 NSOC winners and talk with them about sustaining the momentum. Using a Wizard of Oz analogy, I challenged them to go deeper rather that wider as they head into their future down the Character Road and Be the Dorothy as they continue to gather friends and family together and continue to take their initiatives from Me to We in their enchanting schools.

Catching up, albeit briefly, with my friend Michele Borba was a day maker for sure. What an inspiration she is! So passionate and wise.
Then, the NSOC luncheon to celebrate with my friends from North Pointe Elementary across the highway in Clear Lake. Yay! 

I started to cry as I congratulated my friend's parents on her leadership and her school family's success. Jennifer and her administrative team came to our 2010 NSOC Open House, where she gathered many of our ideas, harvested them and made them her own. Together with her Character Cadre, she led the initiative that resulted in their amazing achievement and this year's SSOC and NSOC distinction! I am delighted for this UH-may-ZinG school family and can't wait to celebrate with them next Friday morning!

Time for me to head home. I feel like big things are about to happen down Character Road. Stay tuned as the story unfolds.


  1. The world of education is blessed that you're part of it. You make us better. I'm so glad you had a grand time in DC.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I agree with Tammy. The character work you are doing is inspiring. We deserve more schools like yours.


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