If It Matters To You

As many of you know, last week I flew to Washington D.C. to attend 
CEP's 20th annual National Forum on Character Education.
 These signs at Hobby Airport caught my eye.

You've gotta love a company that cares
I snapped these shots with with my character cam and when I arrived, they were quickly integrated into my power point presentation for my Character Is Our Super Power breakout session. Caring is a super power, you know.

On the way home, my flight crew actually waited for a young man who'd been in a minor car accident on his way to the airport. He took the seat next to me and we talked about how great it was that Southwest would hold a flight for him.

After a power nap, I picked up this month's copy of Spirit, their inflight magazine. It was in the CEO's letter to his readers that I read these specifics about 
Turns out, Gary Kelly wants three things from his 46,000 peeps:  

1. Work hard.
2. Have fun.
3. Treat everyone with respect.

Every day. Because if it matters to us, it matters to them.

Spirit in the sky.
Something special in the air.
A symbol of freedom.

Mr. Kelly goes on to explain that this isn't a program or a campaign, but rather a philosophy that's woven into the DNA of the Southwest culture. 
Southwest Airlines hires for character.
Here's what his employees all have in common:

1. A Warrior Spirit.
2. A Servant's Heart.
3. A Fun LUV-ing Attitude.

Who wouldn't want that in an airline? Or in a family member? 
What about in a friend? Or in the government?
How about in a school community? 
What if our school administrators all hired for character and schools had this philosophy woven into its very fabric? What if all of our leaders shared a warrior's spirit, a servant's heart, and a fun-loving attitude? 
Imagine how connected we'd feel.
Imagine how much support and encouragement we'd experience.
Imagine the affirmation and appreciation we'd share.

Imagine how optimistic our future would look.

So thank you, Southwest Airlines, for your vision.
For your service and your spirit.
For your attitude and your attention to details.
For your affordable fares ...  and your love.
'Cause it matters to me.


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!

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