Raining Champs!

The Texas Lone Star Preview's reigning champs found Bronze, Silver, and Gold at the end of the rainbow last night.

After 20 bands performed, the afternoon lightning delay kept us from marching in our late-afternoon spot, so we headed to Culver's, where 
it's always Sundae! 
I savored every bit of this two-scoop turtle.

 We returned to watch the last seven bands perform 
under the rainbow. 

And just before the Mighty Mustang Band was about to march, 
the winds shifted and the clouds rolled back in.

But their show, Metallic Treasures, must go on.

First, the bronze movement, then silver.

Then the rain started to fall harder and harder still,
but the reigning champs marched on.

And they performed beautifully, in the rain.

Here's how it looked as the last note played, despite the rain.

Finals cancelled, no drum major retreat, because of the rain.
And then, the announcement.

Friendswood High School, the 'raining' champs, sweep the 4A category with all of the caption awards and first-place honors. But what about overall, regardless of class? You guessed it, we took gold. What a show. 

And a long day for these teenaged musicians who left the house at 9:30 am and weren't back in Friendswood until 13 hours later. The reward that they find at the end of their rainbow is worth the
dedication, drive and perseverance 
through the heat, the humidity, and even the rain.


  1. I have no idea why this post made me cry. Maybe because it is just filled with your love and adoration for all things... band. What a tribute! And what a performance! Congrats, Friendswood High... reigning even when it's raining!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Such a fun memory for our freshman boy! These kids waited all day to perform and survived delay after delay to finally take the field two hours after their scheduled time. They were excellent ambassadors for our little town indeed.

  2. Sweet! I can just imagine the sound that filled the stadium. (My brother was a drum major back in the day.)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. Yahoo for Raining Champs!! Way to go friendswood. We had a band tourney here in Glen Rose this weekend and could hear it from out house. Those drums make me want to howl!

    1. I'll bet you do get a kick out of that battery, eh? You'd have been so proud of ours on Saturday, Rhythm!


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