Red Ribbon Week's A Comin'

It's coming ... it's coming ...
to a school near you.

Our annual Red Ribbon & Character Counts! Week.
Arrrrrrgh ya ready?
Yep, this year we'll be dressing like pirates to kick it off.
Click the graphic above to see what else we'll be doing.
It's always such a fun week at Westwood-Bales because we're joining millions of students worldwide to say that 
Character Is Our Anti-Drug.

See how inspiRED by character we are?
(It almost killed me when these pillars came down to make way for our new safety entrance!)

Here are some of the ways we've celebrated in the past:  

*Color The World With Character - Wear tie-dye clothes.
*Don't Monkey Around With Drugs - Bring your favorite stuffed animal.
*It's All About Character - Wear your favorite pillar color.
*Respect Yourself; Don't Do Drugs - Wear yellow for respect.
*Drug Free Is My Responsibility - Wear green for responsibility.
*Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs - Dress like a friend.
*Team Up Against Drugs - Wear your favorite team jersey.
*My Future Is Bright, Drug Free - Dress for success.
*Shade Out Drugs - Wear sunglasses.
*PAWS-itively Drug Free - Bring donation for a local animal shelter.
*Drug Free We Make Footsteps Worth Following - Wear your walking shoes.
*Drug Free We Help Our Community Piece by Peace - Wear or carry a peace sign.
*We're Drug Free Deep In The Heart Of TX - Dress like a cowboy or girl.

We've scheduled annual walks against drugs during specials class.
We've hosted GRANDparents Day to honor our character role models, 
held Wrap The Town Red rallies in the park, 
and partnered with our local pizza delivery places to send out our drug-free messages on their pizza boxes.
We've had door decorating contests, poster contests and coloring contests.

We've sent parent homework home {click graphic for freebie download}.
We've given out thousands and thousands of wristbands, dog tags, and ribbons.
We've celebrated by launching red balloons (just say no to that)
and eating red fortune cookies (our kids wrote the fortunes).
And we've signed many a pledge poster!

Our fan favorite? When Hometown Heroes lead our mid-week pep rally.

All to get that important message out that we're
Hooked On Character, Not Drugs!
Click {here} to see some pictures of our dress up days from last year's celebration.

When the weeks collide with Halloween, we host a 
Storybook Parade
Last year our Admin Team went as the characters from 
Alice In Wonderland.
 being the Queen of Hearts!

We congregate in the gym and play a cute song called Read A Book while we parade around the perimeter. The iPad projects it onto the big screen and it's a kick!

Click {here} and {here} to see our photo galleries of past Storybook Parades. 

Then click {here} to visit Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections for a Book Character Day freebie. And for more October ideas, visit Laura {here}.

How will you celebrate this big week this year?


  1. We are celebrating with Red Ribbon Week guidance lessons and dress-up days:
    Monday: Hats off to a Drug-Free Life (wear a hat)
    Tuesday: Drugs Have No Place in our Future (dress as a career you’d like to have someday)
    Wednesday: Use Your Head – Don’t do Drugs (wear a wacky hairstyle)
    Thursday: You and Me Drug-Free (twin day; dress to match another person)
    Friday: Stay in the Game, Be Drug-Free (wear your favorite team apparel)
    Students are also getting fun necklaces to rock a drug-free lifestyle! I'm most excited to see how kids dress on Tuesday. :)

    1. Looks like our Fridays will be similar! I'm going to be in DC presenting at a conference and I'm thinking about wearing my Queen of Hearts dress for my Super Power session. What do you think??


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