Responsibility - What's At Stake?

Our focus pillar of character this month is responsibility.

Click the song to hear my Firsties singing it with me!

In grades one through three, we're looking specifically at the word stakeholders, what it means and who they are. 
Yesterday as I was describing a stakeholder as 
someone who cares about your decisions, 
someone who might be affected by your choices, 
someone who has a stake in your story, 
a second-grade girl summed it up with, 
"So you mean pretty much anyone who's involved?" 
Yeah, that works.

And I'm going retro and using one of my favorite storytelling mediums from my childhood: the felt board! I just got it last week as we were moving some old stuff out to make room for the new stuff. What a find. 

First, we examined a problem poster and talked about who, besides the two bears, the stakeholders in this situation might be: the characters behind the scene, like the librarian, the principal, the teacher, the counselor, the other bears who won't get a book, and both of the bears' parents. Well, you get the picture.

Then we moved in to The Story About Puffy. I just found the tale in this book and bought the velcro; my artistic Anna drew the pictures to bring the story to life.

We're basically talking about a dog whose owner (my bear puppet, Boris) forgets to put him in one night so Puffy goes searching for a warm place to sleep and wreaks havoc in the neighborhood along the way. After the story, we retell it and count the stakeholders. Have students stand to represent each stakeholder; it's eye-opening when they see how many stakeholders there are when just one child, I mean bear, forgets to bring his dog in off the porch. Just look at all of the stakeholders in that one little responsibility that Boris, my bear, didn't take seriously. It was absolutely precious to hear that curly-haired first-grade boy say to me, 
"Just look at all of those stakeholders!"

Then we sang the little poem above that I wrote from an idea 
my friend Angie Morrison shared with me.

Who are the stakeholders in your decisions?

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  1. Barbara you are so creative with your lessons! Thank you so much for sharing with us!


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