Squirrels and Owls and Snakes, Oh My!

The pleasant drop in temperature has allowed for more time outside in nature's backyard recently, and that makes my heart happy. Many days after my after-school power nap, I sit on our porch swing or by the pool, doing nothing but watching the sun set while the bats and other flying friends glide effortlessly through the air. I especially like the yellow-crested night herons; 
they're majestic, in an awkward sort of way. 
I love the sound of the bird calls, 
of the cicadas' song, 
and of silence.
Here now, a picture walk from the last few weeks 
at our home in Friendswood, Texas.

After taking a rest on our okra plants, this Monarch lady evidently laid her eggs on our butterfly weed;

I was shocked to see these very hungry caterpillars in September.

These adorable little lizards always come 
to my breakfast nook window to watch me blog.
They are so much fun to watch.

This squirrel came a knockin' last Saturday,

because guess whooooo was hunting in the tree nearby?

Yep, a Barred Owl had its eye on one of that squirrel's furry friends.

And while I'm pretty sure this slippery snake got away ...

... it left something valuable behind.
{And I'm still not sure why John felt the need to bring it inside}.
Talk about falling to pieces ...

Happy Fall y'all!

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  1. You have all kinds of friends to keep you company down there in Texas. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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