Beyond The Character Cape

Today I'm excited because a portion of my breakout session from the CEP ForumCharacter Is Our Super Power,
is now available. Click {here} to watch.

It'll be like you were in DC with me ... 
only you can participate from the comforts of your living room. 

I'm so grateful to my friends at CEP for capturing the session so I can share it with my family up north. And with you, my readers.
Just. so. grateful.

I hope you'll take away that it's not about the cape, so much, 
as it is about who you are beyond the cape. 
To whom are you a superhero? 
Who is your superhero? 
What are your superpowers?
And what are theirs?

Last week the character cam caught me playing
super heroes with my friend in my office ...
his super powers are grit, resilience, and love.

Do I have a super fun job or what?


  1. Barbara, You are wonderful! I want to see more. I'm going to teach my kids the universal connection tomorrow. :)

  2. You got me all excited!! I like that universal connection sign. I can't seem to do it, but I think the Mom Person will be able to show the kids! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!

  3. I was right there with you (in my living room)---thanks for sharing the universal connection sign and also Growing Character---it is going to be a part of our school! Can't wait!

  4. OK, friends ... I hope I didn't misspeak ... I don't have it on good authority that the connection signal is "universal" ... it's just the way I've chosen to teach it to my kids ... they LOVE it!

  5. Barbara--you are one of my Super Heroes....so glad that we have "CONNECTED" with each other! Hugs, Trudy


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