Living Values

I just love this thought about living values:

What values are alive and well at your school?

If you were arrested for kindness, for example, 
would there be enough evidence to convict you?
What about Fairness? Respect? Responsibility?
Trustworthiness? Citizenship?

I recently updated my character rap; 
 Set the beat with a pat, pat, clap.

The Character Rap by Barbara Gruener

Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility,
Won't you try the character rap with me?
Fairness, caring, citizenship, too.
Do you listen to your conscience when 
it tells you what to do?

Can you be trusted? Do you have integrity?
If I give you respect, will you give it back to me?
Are you reliable in everything you do?
'Cause stakeholders care; can they count on you?

Do you weigh things out? Are you judging fair?
Are you thinking with your heart and showing kindness everywhere?
Do you go to vote? On committees do you serve?
Do you volunteer to do your part? Recycle to conserve?

Trustworthiness, respect, and responsibility;
your character counts, so be the best that you can be.
Fairness, caring, citizenship, too.
Know it, love it, do it. Hey, it's up to you!


After playing around with my version of this rap, encourage students to write another verse or another rap. Then have them look for living examples of values in action like a post that my brother sent to me. It's a heartwarming story that talks about two athletes in Missouri, one with incredible determination, resilience, perseverance and drive, the other with undying compassion, friendship, encouragement and love. 

These two college football players (one of whom is a Friendswood High School graduate and Hometown Hero) make my heart sing and bring promise for a bright future.

Want some book recommendations for the Pre-K Kiddos in your character building? Go to PreK and K Sharing now for Vivian Kirkfield's guest post.


  1. Our pillars are respect, honesty, positive attitude, and hard work. We found that with these four, they encompass so many values and it was easy for our little ones to remember. We celebrate them all year long, rather than a trait a month. They make up our touchstone which we say every morning.

  2. Great post as always Barbara! Thanks for sharing your character rap-I love it!

  3. Loved your character rap, Barbara! Early grade kids would love this...it would get them thinking. I think one of the most important elements in all of this character building is for kids to have great role models. This blog is a shining example of that.:)


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