Through The Eyes Of A Child

Today I'm excited because we all got back together 
as a school family and it felt great! 

Three highlights I'd like to share include:
1. A third-grade girl who told me her family had gone to Thailand and brought back some souvenirs for her. When I responded, "Oh, that's cool. What took them to Thailand?" she said matter-of-factly, "A plane." Why do literal replies like that still surprise me after all of these years?
2. A second-grade boy needed help with his preK brother, who was having trouble cooperating and throwing a tantrum at the front door. I took the little one's hand and he came with us to the cafeteria, where we met his class and all became well with the world. It got quite a better than that, even, when that big brother hugged me and said, "Bless you, Mrs. Gruener." 
Be still my beating heart.
3. And I spent over an hour trying to match up letters from one of our soldiers with the children to whom she wrote. Guess it'd be easier were I to let them include their last names when they sign their letters, eh?

Just think of how cool it must be for Andrew and the twenty other children whom this hero took the time to thank. One of my biggest things lately has been trying to see things through a child's eyes. It probably started when I experienced Michele Borba talk about helping our future go From Cruelty to Compassion and her passion about our need to elevate empathy. 
It was just so powerful ... and it stuck!

So yesterday when I got to spend time with and conduct a three-hour workshop at Ward Elementary down the road, I kept going back to not only giving our future leaders the gift of voice and choice at a very young age, I also stressed over and over again to try to see school ... to see friendship ... to see life ... through a slightly different lens, through the eyes of their students. Walking in their shoes ... and feeling their story.

That might be why I enjoy the blog This Kid Reviews Books so much. This kid's name is Erik and he turned twelve in December. Though I had intentions of a timely birthday greeting, a little something called Christmas got in my way and I totally spaced it out. I've only written to Erik once, when I thought he'd really like a certain book and I wanted him to review it, but he kindly wrote me back to let me know that his schedule was booked solid and that he'd have to decline my recommendation for the time being. We can all learn something from that bit of wisdom and maturity.

So today I'm sending my wish for belated birthday blessings and a shout out to This Kid. Thank you, Erik, for allowing us a glimpse into your world through your honest book reviews, reflection, and insight. I hope that your 13th year brings magical, out-of-this-world greatness your way.

My virtual gift to you is a picture of my kitten Mekah 
wearing her birthday smile in your honor. Enjoy!


  1. It sure is nice to be back at school, isn't it!! Those kids can be so uplifting! Hope you had a restful holiday.

  2. Blessings...so many blessings are kiddos give us. Smiles and stop by anytime!


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