Kids Helping Kids

Happy Wednesday. What do you have on your heart today?

I'm excited because Valentines Day is on its way. To celebrate, we've got a class of second graders who decided to combine the upcoming day of love with our 100th day of school last week by making 100 Valentines. They exceeded their goal and sent 150 of their hand-crafted treasures to Shriners Burn Center
in honor of one of our fifth-grade superheroes.

A house fire at the age of two almost took this child's life; against all odds, he has not only been able to recover, but he's thriving. He's got a heart of gold, the courage of a lion and a smile that tells his story of survival. Surrounded by the loving kindness of his family and friends, this fighter has used his superpowers of resilience and strength for good.

I pray that the patients will be as blessed by our cards
as we've been to call this fine young man our friend.

Kids helping kids. 
It's the best kind of kindness.

Check out this uplifting RAK action:

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  1. 100 Valentines is a lovely idea! I bet they were very much appreciated.


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