The Weeds Came Marchin' In

Happy March! What's going on in your corner of the world today? Here in Friendswood, it's long past time to get outside and start that spring garden. While the boys are busy planting, I'm going to be picking the weeds that marched in since my last outing many, many months ago.

Clearly it's been a while.

And I've got a lot of picking to do.

So many varieties ... 

sooooooo lush and green.

And white ... and yellow. 

Purple even.

A friend said just this week that she actually leaves the clover, because it attracts the bees we need for that garden.

This garden.

Much like the students we get, this garden needs a lot of work, too. Oh, sure, the weeds are all gone, for now, and it's been covered with a blanket of leaves so that the earth worms could do their job enriching its soil during its winter dormancy.

 But don't be fooled. Gardens don't grow themselves. Those very weeds which have flourished in my lawn and along the fence line this winter are just dying to move their little seeds into this rich soil. Yep, we've got our work cut out for us. We'll need to till, plant, fertilize, water, and weed. It won't be easy. In fact, once it gets really hot, it'll be quite a battle to even keep it alive, much less thriving. But guess what? 

It's worth it! We toil because there's nothing like a home-grown tomato right from the vine. I can taste them in those BLTs now. And green beans, eaten fresh or freshly steamed. And zucchini for our zucchini bread. And cucumbers for salad. And maybe even snap peas this year.

And friends, since those weeds aren't picking themselves, and I can't afford to let them march on over to that vegetable garden, I'd best trade this keyboard for my gardening gloves and move myself to the back yard where a good day's work awaits.

In today's battle of me versus the weeds, 
I don't pick the weeds to win! 

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