AmAzInG Grace

Today I'm delighted to share in post #999
a little bit more about our Buddy Benches.

On the day last week that Girl Scout Troop 26283 presented them to us, 
my little Grace asked how they were going to be used. 
So I asked her how she might suggest using them.
Well, she knew from the skit that the Girl Scouts did that their first use was probably to sit there when you're lonely and a buddy will come. But as we visited, she also expressed concern that we wouldn't just sit there lazily because it's important to play at recess. Grace wanted us to use them with intention, 
on purpose. Gotta love a kid with a plan ...

So I gave her some homework. Make a list of ways that a second-grade girl like you would suggest making the best use out of these beautiful benches. Grace told me as she handed it to me today that she could have kept writing, but she didn't want to risk running out of room at the bottom and writing on her mom's table.

How much are you loving AmAzInG Grace right now?

Here's a clip of the dedication; a huge thank you to
Lisa Norwood from Norwood Photo for sharing her
video and still-shot coverage of the event!

Tomorrow, our 1000th post celebration.
Please join us.


  1. Let's see if signing IN works! :) I love the benches!! Congrats on #999 and with #1000 tomorrow...along with a heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  2. I love, love, love the buddy benches!!!!


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