Closing Doors

Happy May Day!

When I was in college in the early 80s, I saw this AmAzInG singing group called The Continentals on a vacation out in LA. I loved their music SO so much, especially the song He Opens A Window. I played that record over and over again. For fun today, I searched for it and, voila, I found it. Just listen to this: 

It's speaking to me tonight because I feeling like doors are opening and shutting 
all around me these past few weeks. 
Sometimes I'm not sure whether I'm coming or going lately. 
But what I am sure of is this: 
When God closes a door, He opens a window. 
His plans are, indeed, bigger and wiser than ours. 
And oh, how I love that cool breeze wafting in.

So here's the scoop: After thirty years of work in the public schools, I'd been considering retirement in June, but now it looks like I'll be back for another school year or two. I wasn't really ready to leave, because I truly dread the day that I have to say farewell to my Westwood-Bales family and friends. But I saw an opened door and thought it might be mine to go through. Turns out I was wrong. 
That's what you might expect when you pray for clarity. 

When I mentioned being disappointed, my friend Amanda said, "Just keep praising God in the hallways while you wait for that next door to open.
And my friend Carol sent this sentiment: 

So that's what I plan to do. 
If you see me dancing in the hallways, you'll know why. 
Thanks, Amanda and Carol, and those of you who prayed with me.

Meanwhile, my book goes to the printer this Monday and looks to be on schedule for a June 1st release, just in time to celebrate my 53rd birthday and our 23rd wedding anniversary. 
Life is looking pretty good, despite that closing door.

Today a first-grade student passed by me in the hallway on his way to dismissal and I heard him ask, "What's under YOUR cape?"
I answered character, to which he responded, "Yeah, me too!"
Do I have a terrific job or what?

The window may not be as convenient for passage as the door, 
but I'm super delighted to breathe in the fresh air.



  1. Do you really think that little guy just happened to be crossing your path today? Nah! He was specifically placed there for you to see that those littles need you there for a bit longer. I'm hoping that you can take this time to really look around and see all those open windows and feel the spring breezes! ( they may not be cool breezes, but they are spring ones!)

  2. I agree with Patty!! That little angel was there to send the message that your still needed there!!
    Life is good!! Enjoy the ride.

  3. So interesting to read your blog today. I am retiring this year (18 more days to be exact) and while there are definitely moments of anxiety... I also feel strongly that I am walking through an open door to the next chapter of my life. Love love love your book cover. You are amazing. So glad I discovered your blog. Keep on sharing and caring. You will know when the time is right:)


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!

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