Fit For Kids

Before we take Joshua off for a week at camp,
{and hug on Kaitlyn, who's a counselor there!!}
some reflections about a world fit for kids,
sparked by this PSA I stumbled upon recently ...

and my notes from the Character Matters Conference
in San Diego at the end of June.

I'm not sure that in this case a picture's worth
a thousand words.

So here's my top ten takeaway list:

1. We must pursue our joys and inclinations.
2. We mustn't prevent learning by overly directing it.
3. Every child deserves a secret garden.
4. We must use energy to get energy.
5. Give children questions with answers that aren't fixed!
6. Communication is not an invitation, but an expectation.
7. Model, support, incentivize and reward desired behaviors. 
8. We are farmers; what we plant will grow.
9. If it's respectful, kind and excellent, you will find success.
10. Pacesetters look for the shrimp in the water.

How will you help make our world fit for kids?

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