On A Beam Of Light Review

So on our way to Camp on Sunday, I hear Joshua ask this question:
If I were to open the window and drop this thing out, 
would it fall straight to the ground or move along with the car?

{Keep in mind that the speed limit on that stretch of  TX highway is 75 mph.}

That's a good question! I thought to myself, though I couldn't
stop wondering why anyone would throw anything out of a car window in the first place. Then John answered by saying "A little bit of both" before going on to explain that it would also depend upon whether we were in this car on earth or on the moon.

Gotta love my space boys! 

John took this picture when he and Joshua
took science to the streets and headed to Florida
for the final Shuttle launch.

Joshua took this picture of John and his new best friend,
who was there crossing Shuttle Launch off his bucket list.
Anyway, that conversation got me to thinking about
and space,
and motion,
and Einstein.

Well, that and the fact that I got this little gem in the mail.

Turns out I won it at Susanna Leonard Hill's blog.
{Thank you, Susanna!}

On A Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein
Written by Jennifer Berne
Illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky

Anyway, it's a story about little Albert
and how he didn't talk very early,
and how his parents worried about him
and how he went on to 
wonder and think,
question and imagine.
How he began to read and study,
study and read.
About magnetism,
and numbers.
{He loved numbers!}
And about how he wanted to be a teacher,
but ended up in
a government office.

I love the dedication:

To the next Einstein, who is probably a child now.

And I adore the page about socks.

As an aside, my feet are happier without socks, too.

In his keynote address last week, Stuart Grauer of the Grauer School encouraged character educators to 
ask students questions without fixed answers.

I can't help but believe that that's key to helping them take flight on a beam of light and get them well on their way to becoming the next Einstein.

Check out this book;
I predict it will send your budding scientists soaring.

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  1. You know I love the Einstein story. It is such a good example of someone who was successful and didn't follow the rules in any way. I think it is a good reminder for students and teachers as well that we can excel but in our own unique way. Congratulations on winning the book!


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