S Is For Service

It's heeeeeeeeere. The big day. Time to dig into the book with my beautiful blogging buddies. I woke up early to find this online; click it to read Lorraine's teaser. You're sure to be tickled and touched by her words about what she wants for the 
superheroes in her life.

Then Sheila shared this, the perfect complement.

Acts of kindness don't have to be huge to provide a service
to someone in need.

Jennifer from the Good Long Road posted this opp yesterday so we can help our immigrant children during these difficult days:

How will you color the world today by serving?

That's a guiding question in Chapter One.

Lynda at Curls and a Smile and 
are sharing their ideas and guess what?

Our friend Jana has helped them set it up as a Linky Party, which means if you've blogged about the book, you can join in our cyberspace collaboration. 

Just this morning, Dr. Susan Fuller posted a rave review at Entirely Elementary School Counseling {here}. Turns out, she was also a 4-H member, but her furry friends weren't Holsteins like mine ... they were Seeing Eye Puppies. Isn't that a cool connection!

What? What?? You're not a blogger? No worries.

Once you've hopped from pillar to post, come back here or visit the book's Facebook page to reflect and share.

That being said, as we blossom into more ... 
we must keep in mind that we become kind by being kind.
Then we can live what Gandhi suggested long ago, and 
Find ourselves in the service of others.

Happy serving!

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  1. A post full of smiles! Love that little video! Thanks!


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