Building Empathy

Today I'm excited because I get to talk about one of my favorite topics: empathy!

If you've been a reader at the Corner for a while, then you know about the Becoming A Better You series by Marian Nelson and Kris Yankee. I'm so so delighted to share that I've had a sneak peek at book #3 and its meaningful message makes it well worth the wait. It's due out next week; click the graphic above for more info and/or to pre-order.

It's not so much a storybook as it is a guide for its reader. 
It's a litany of ideas and examples through which children can stretch their empathy
Simple, every-day ways. 
At home, in school, in their communities. 
Through acts of kindness and service. 
By working to understand one another's feelings.
It ends with reflections and tips to help evoke empathy
in our future leaders. We must teach empathy so students can cultivate compassion and practice kindness.

Here's a wonderful quick clip that will complement this text:

We build empathy by witnessing it and experiencing it.
What scenarios will you use to put this method to the test?
Visit these articles for more ideas:

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