Something that our pastor said in church this morning got me thinking. It was in reference to the recent riots and unrest in Missouri that he said: 
No justice, no peace. 
I couldn't help but wondering if he actually meant: 
Know justice, know peace.

So when I came home, I created this adaptation:

When our empathy is elevated, compassion grows. Where compassion grows, kindness sprouts. When kindness blooms, service is the fruit. And from that me to we mentality, when we live to serve others, peace is the result from the fruits of our labor. A la mode, with a cherry on top.

Pie in the sky? Or possible??

At Westwood-Bales, we're gearing up for our Pinwheels For Peace event in two weeks, and I can't wait. Students will be making these pinwheels in specials class and we'll be planting a thousand of them on Monday, September 22nd, out in front of school. Our superheroes will be drawing and writing about what World Peace looks like, sounds like, and could feel like to them on their blank canvas and parent volunteers will help us pin them together to let the wind whirl our message out into the community. We'd love for you to join us in this peace promotion.

But we can't let it be just peace-filled sentiments and beautiful symbols on a pinwheel. No, we can't stop there.

Our words must be more than just empty wishes.
We must embrace those words,
we must take those pictures to heart, 
and we must put them into action.

We have to do more than know peace.
We must love peace. 
And ultimately live peace.
We simply must walk the talk.
Every day.
In our every interaction.
Then, just imagine ...

Need some suggestions, inspiration or help
integrating peace into your school culture? 
Visit Kids For Peace {here}.

Here's to those peace-filled possibilities.

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