Heartwarming Happiness

Today I'm excited because I'm on my way to Washington D.C. 
for the 21st annual Forum on Character Education. Yay!
Many of you know that I've been working on my 
Kindness Keynote to kick off the event. I am honored and humbled.
My Godparents and my sister will be meeting me there,
as will a few cyberspace counselors and some friends from Forums passed,
so I do believe I am in for a treat this Halloween!

 A few things to share before I unplug.
First, a student-created poster that caught my eye:

MARVEL-us. Don't you love that?
I think the idea of using character as a shield has a lot of discussion potential. What character trait offers you the most protection?
It is the perfect poster to set us up for our superhero-themed Wednesday. 
Here now, collage from that Hometown Heroes pep rally:

Hometown Heroes WOWed Westwood-Bales!
They signed autographs.
They played instruments.
They cheered and danced.
They gave hugs and high fives.
They launched us into greatness with spirit bridges.
Such a beautiful way to start the day.

The leaders who took the mic talked with us about good choices because what you put in your head and heart will come out. Wisdom laced with 
heartwarming happiness.

In Mrs. Huckabee's class, the character cam caught
our little superheroes and sidekicks writing Red Ribbon messages
 in their daily journals.

More happiness!

Then still more happiness because over at The Middle School Counselor blog, Carol has posted a super review (thank you, Carol) and is offering a chance to win a signed copy of my book, so go there next to sign up.

And then at some point today, parenting expert Annie Fox is going to post a Family Confidential podcast that I think might interest you {here}.

So I'm leaving on a jet plane for a few days; 
I'll be back in November with a focus on gratitude and grace.

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