Inspiring Greatness

Today I'm excited because our freebie Kindle Edition of the book was downloaded so many times these last two days that we're ranked number 1 at Amazon. 
Talk about your character celebration! 

That made yesterday a lot better, because giving books away gave me something to do while I was at home with the plumber, who was in the attic fixing the leak in the water pipe so the ceiling didn't give way. I'm so very grateful to author, speaker, and parenting expert Bill Corbett for encouraging me to get the book on Kindle, for his help in making that happen, and for his kind crusade to spread the word. Here's what he tweeted last night:

And a cyberspace colleague added these tweet thoughts:

I'm eager to get back to school today to keep our character celebration going and finish up our Papa John's Pizza Box Pages. Just look at this example from a first grader, served up with a smile.

As many of you know, I leave for DC a week from tomorrow to kick off the 21st annual National Forum on Character Education. This year's theme is 
Beyond Accountability - Inspiring Greatness.
Thanks for the many bucket-filling emails and texts wishing me well and affirming my work. I am super eager to celebrate with our friends down the road in Angleton at Southside Elementary, a 2014 NSOC, and reconnect with kindred spirits from all over who inspire greatness.

And speaking of inspiring greatness, check out what some of our
superheroes have to say about empathy, peace, and kindness.
They will carry our message out into the world long after we're gone. 
{Spoiler alert - if you're coming to the Forum, you might want to wait and watch this with the audience on Friday}.

I'm so grateful to Meredith Wise and her students at FHS for filming and editing this character clip for us. 
It truly does take a village ...

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