PPBF: The Hero In Me

A superhero book for PPBF? Shezam!

Title: The Hero in Me
Author: Susan Fitzsimonds
Illustrator: Jeff Covieo
Publisher: Ferne Press
Date: February 15, 2012 
Suitable for: Elementary-aged children
Themes: choices, heroes, kindness
Realistic Fiction/Social Issues
Brief synopsis: This rhyming self-help text talks its readers through real-life situations and scenarios to empower them with the skills they need to take a stand against bullying and unleash the hero within.
Opening page: 
There's a hero in me. It's not hard to find.
I have to listen to my heart, soul, and mind.
Each day of my life I have choices to make.
These choices decide which road I will take.
One road is positive; it makes me feel proud.
The other is not; I just follow the crowd.

Resources: Visit the author's website for activity ideas {here}.
Read all about the book in The Voice {here}.
Click {here} for my superheroes Pinterest page.
Find these superhero coloring pages {here}.

Decorate your hallways with superhero bulletin boards:

Check out the author's young son talking about the book here:

Ellen, seriously, let us know when he's coming on your show,
 'cause this kid needs a cape!

Why I like this book: Sometimes learners just need a reminder that life is all about choices. Every day with every action we get to choose to be kind or unkind. Validation from the book:

It's not always easy. In fact it's quite hard
to do the right thing, never let down my guard.
I need to be thoughtful, patient, and kind,
help people out when they get in a bind.
I'm sure to face struggles each passing day.
That's fine 'cause I solve them the "hero in me" way.

And it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of superheroes. Seeing character values and strengths as superpowers turns what could be an abstract concept into something much more concrete. Superheroes see problems and jump in with solutions. They are brave and courageous and they know right from wrong. In fact, they work tirelessly to right wrongs. Every day.

In the back of this empowerment tool, you'll find these enrichment pages with helpful proactive and reactive tips:

A Hero's Guide to Reporting a Bully
A Hero's Guide to Standing Strong
20 Things a Hero Might Say to a Bully
A Hero's Tips for Good Friendship

Have your superheroes write an acrostic from the word HERO.
H - Help
         E - Encourage
     R - Respect
 O - Obey

Or encourage them to write an echo-cadence like this one:

There you have it. The end. Happy Friday.
For more PPBF picks, fly on over to Susanna's blog {here}.


  1. Our school is celebrating Week of Respect this week, and this would be a great book to continue the discussions we've been having about respecting ourselves and others. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're right that this would perfectly complement your focus on respect! Thanks for stopping by the Corner.

  2. I just love the video!! So cute! Yes he does need a cape.
    Great pick for anti bullying week. The books this week are terrific. Thanks for introducing this book to us. :)

    1. My pleasure. It's a treasure that I highly recommend. So happy to see you at the Corner!

  3. What a great book to encourage superheroes! Need to order it for my granddaughter in 3rd grade. Loved the video promoting his mom's new book! I'm happy there are more and more books available for kids on this subject.

    1. Oh, Pat, I figured you'd know someone who might want a copy. It's a keeper, just like the cute little superhero whose mom wrote it!

  4. This looks like a good teaching tool. Remembering we have choices is important.

    1. So true, Wendy. It love that it lets the reader know that he/she always has a choice!

  5. Everybody needs a cape! Okay, at least I do! Ha! Book sounds great.

    1. Julie - you DO need a cape. Your new book is PRECIOUS! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. This book is GRRRREATT! I agree with Ms RZ - everyone needs a cape! I even have one!

    1. Rhythm, there are these cute capes at the Dollar Tree right now that would suit you perfectly!

  7. We're learning more and more about choices now that kiddo is in preschool. I'll look for this one.

    1. Thank you, Stacy, for stopping by. Yes, this one's a treasure for ALL caregivers!

  8. Great Book, and great lesson kids can learn from. Loved the video, so cute.

  9. What a great message for young readers, Barbara! And it's so true. So much of life is about the choices we make, and it's always in our power to make the right one... or to change our path if we've started the wrong way :)

  10. A "super" choice for PPBF. I am constantly reminding my youngest son that choices have consequences. Thanks.


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