When Root Bears Fruit

Today I'm looking back and reflecting on our band's progression
from sweltering summer beginnings to yesterday's first-place finish
in Area competition that earned us a spot in the UIL 6A State Marching Contest. 

It's not like we're a stranger to State competition,
but this year is different because our enrollment moved us up.
From 4A to the new 6A.
To compete against the biggest and the best.
We knew we had our work cut out for us, so we laced up our work boots, slipped on our gloves, and went to work in our musical garden. 
Early mornings, late nights, grueling rehearsals.
Because we know that what we plant will grow.
And when roots go deep, abundance eventually abounds.
We weren't sure it would be this year,
because bounty doesn't happen over night.
It requires patience, endurance and hard work.
Toiling to constantly till and fertilize 'til root bears fruit.

So it is with campaigns and crusades,
with practice and performance,
with living and with life.

Every day we're planting.

Sometimes, the seeds are for trees whose shade we may never get to enjoy. 
But it's well worth it.

When properly nourished and nurtured, those magical seeds of connection and character, of laughter, loyalty, and love will continue to prosper and bear healthy, tasty fruit, not just for a season, but for a lifetime. That will be our legacy, our message that will echo with time, long after we're no longer here.

Cape up and crusade on ... the best is yet to come.

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