Angels Of Peace

Today I woke up a little under the weather, just in time for some time off so I can relax and restore, and the perfect time to reflect on what we have and how blessed we are. And I'm reminded of an angel I know named Margaret Limmer.

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I got a text from Margaret yesterday morning as I was scurrying to get on the road to Angleton for that fantastic NSOC celebration. She wrote of her concern for our friends in Ferguson, MO. My first reaction was indifference because I feel like my heart is already stretched in more ways that I can bear, but the fervency in her request was so compelling. She was hoping I'd share her idea on my blog. My second thought was to ask her to send me a guest post about it, and I went on my way down the road to celebrate with Southside.

That afternoon, I was visiting with two second graders (Mrs. Limmer's former students) and her name came up, so I mentioned how she's still the same wonderful woman, worried about others. The girl, whom I'll call Mercy, immediately wanted to know what was happening, then offered to pray for those friends in Ferguson. It was her next thought that connected to her former teacher in a way that I felt was providential: 
Doesn't that town have a Mayor? 

And that takes me back to Margaret's idea. See this angel? She's sending it to the Mayor of Ferguson, along with her prayers for peace. And she's hoping that we could join her, in praying and in showering Mayor Knowles with angels so that he can share them with his community.
An angel statuette. 
A picture of an angel. 
A pocket angel. 
Who's in? 
Here's his information:

Mayor James W. Knowles III
110 Church Street
Ferguson, MO 63135

Thank you, Mrs. Limmer, for being an angel of mercy. 
Your influence and inspiration lives on and ripples out.
Now I need to go find the perfect angel to send.

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